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How to Close More Real Estate Sales by Converting More Prospects Into Clients

We as real estate professionals hardly consider our potential home sellers or buyers problems before while prospecting. I know it can be really easy just to focus on what we can provide, our experience and why they should use us as their realtor. In this article I want to start off with considering the needs of our potential client first then building the conversation around that.

It doesn’t matter where you are connecting with your new prospect. When we start off the conversation we are all trained that we should start talking about our experience, how many homes we have sold, and the successes we have had. The challenge with that is that is all about us as realtors and really isn’t about our potential clients.

Instead of doing that try just looking for opportunities to assist or help. You don’t have to be manipulative with this approach you just have to have a desire to help someone. While you are helping them find a reason to go as far down the transaction funnel as possible. That could mean looking on the MLS with them for a home they want. That could mean finding the comps in their neighborhood so they have an idea of how much their home would sell for.

The more you can help them understand and educate them on what they need to be successful with their real estate goals the more likely they will be to see you as an expert. The more you can be of assistance to them the more committed they will become to you as their realtor.

When its time to part ways no matter how deep in the conversation you have gotten or how much you where able to help them. Find the next step they need to reach their real estate goals and make that your next action step. Of course let them know this is your next action step. This action comes from the presupposition that you are going to work together with them.

Of course ask them if they have a realtor because you don’t want to step on anyone’s toes or waste any of your time. But remember to just work with the over arching goal helping them as much as you can; and moving the action into a place of completing the real estate transaction. Follow up is the key to success when you connect with your prospects for the first time….so never give up and don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.