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How to Implement the Foundation of the Law of Attraction

The law of attraction can give to you anything and everything you desire, if you understand it and begin to implement the basics. Many have taught that the basics are to ask, believe and receive. I like to add desire because I believe that sometimes we do not focus on our desires enough to formulate that desire into a specific request. So the foundation or basics of the law of attraction are: desire, ask, believe, and receive.

Whatever you think of Jesus, religiously speaking, one has to admit that he was abundant in wisdom. He, along with other spiritual leaders, taught extensively on the law of attraction and we would all fare well to heed his teachings on the subject. One such time he taught on the subject (in the Judeo-Christian Bible it is referred to as the law of faith or faith) found in the book of Mark and it is the foundation of the law of attraction:

Mark 11:24 – What things so ever you desire, when you pray (ask), believe you receive them and you shall receive them.

First let’s talk about desire. So many times in our lives we see this and that and think that we want or desire those things. Most of the time these are just impulses and do not actually line up with our desires as a whole. What we must begin to do is define our actual desires, develop a complete picture of our lives as we want it to be in the long run. A lot of others things will fall into place after we do this.

So I encourage you to think long and hard about your desires. Allow yourself to dream. Dreaming about what you want will align your vibration (what you are sending out into the universe) with what is desired. So clearly formulating your true heart desires is the most important step in realizing those desires.

Second let’s look at asking. How do we ask for these things? There are many opinions and methods for doing this and we will look at some these, and hopefully gain a better understanding of what asking really is.

Some have said and it is true that the well formulated desire is in and of itself the asking. Since we are talking about the foundations or the real core of the law of attraction, let’s say that the asking is really your vibration lining up with what is desired. What do I mean by that? Well-being, goodness, abundance all of those things are continuously flowing to everyone, and we are either allowing the flow or resisting the flow. So how do you tell if your vibration is lining up with your desires in order to allow this flow into your life?

Your emotions, or the way you are feeling, is your guide. So whatever you do to create the feeling of obtaining your desire is when you are sending out the vibration equivalent of the essence of your desire. So if visualization puts you in a positive emotional state then do it. If positive affirmations do so then do that. If praying and formulating your desire into a request presented to Deity then do it! It is the vibration you send out on a regular consistent basis that is creating your world. It has been doing so whether you realized it or not. The law of attraction is no respecter of persons. Become aware and implement the basics and you will change your life and create the world you desire.

Third we’ll talk about believing. What is it you are supposed to believe?: That you have received them. One translation of this verse says believe it is granted to you. I think that is a good start in the believing process. Always believe that the universe or God, if you will, has granted your desire, because it has been granted to you. Remember the well-being/abundance river is always flowing to you. So then you should joyfully expect it to manifest in your life. Be on the lookout. That is believing in a nutshell.

When you believe something you will think, speak and act in a manner that says that the desire is granted and it is your present possession. Do not think, talk or act in a manner representative of lack. Guard your heart and put a watch over your mouth. Words are powerful.

Finally we’ll take a look at receiving. To receive means to accept, by reaching out. I think that one important aspect of receiving is giving thanks or maintaining an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for what you already have and you will attract more of the same. Also express gratitude for what you are expecting. Remember you already believe that you receive it or that the desire is granted, so give thanks for it even before it manifests. It can be expressed to deity, to the universe, whichever you prefer. Ask yourself constantly, “what am I grateful for and begin to count your blessings and more will be given you.

Another aspect of receiving is making room for what you desire. Desire a new car? Clean out your garage. If you are expecting something new then, if you can live without it, give away the old. If you can’t give it away at present, promise to give it to someone when the new arrives. You are sending out a powerful signal to the universe when you do this.

One other aspect of receiving is ‘acting as if’ it were true right now. That really gets your emotions and your vibration in line with your desires. Don’t go out and get into debt or anything like that, just adopt the mental attitude of the person who has or is the person of their desires.

So there are many more things we could talk about involving the law of attraction, but now you have the basics and a good place to start. Always remember to start with smaller things, things you can really believe and then you will build confidence as you see your desires manifest all around you. It’s already working for you whether positive or negative, the trick is to realize it and allow it to work for you in the positive.