Tattoos and Ego Psychology

So often people misjudge tattoos and self expression and fail to realize that those folks who like themselves and wish to personalize their own bodies indeed this is not necessarily ego, but a very strong sense of self. Nothing could be more positive to the human psyche than for someone to have “buy in” to self and to believe in self.

There are many folks who indeed study the psychology of those who put tattoos on themselves, yet it seems that they are studying these folks, as if they are a rat in a cage, but those with tattoos are not in any cage at all, as they are expressing their freedom.

While the psychologist attempting to study them is the one in their little self constructed professional cage, who is still trying to figure themselves out. Meanwhile who is the rat in this case; well probably the researcher and not the tattooee.

It is often interesting the wide array of individuals who get tattoos, but that is just it you see they are individuals, not a bunch of clones, nurtured into the box of society, living lives that everyone else wants them to live, rather than knowing self and experiencing and living their life experience on their terms like the Tattooed Individual. Consider this in 2006, you uptight yuppie scum.